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Back Care

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Back Buddy Standard

Beat the Backache -  Back pain control through posture correction
" Transval Back Buddy "
Back Buddy
Transval Back Buddy
  • Perfect backrest for you at office, home or while driving. Have a world class orthopaedic specialist to back you up while at work.
  • " Recommended and Endorsed by Orthopaedic Doctors / Therapists / Physicians.
  • Back Buddy has undergone an extensive trial with INDIAN AIR FORCE under a project "Backache among Chetak Pilots". It has been highly endorsed to be used during flying by Pilots and there was an overwhelming acceptance of 'Back Buddy' during the trials. (http://medind.nic.in/imvw/imvw4901.html)
  • Complete back support during pregnancy. Back Buddy std. with its in-built horizontal and vertical spring wire frame helps in adjusting the posture to accommodate the new weight by supporting the curving spine, Takes care of spine stress, lower, upper back and shoulder pain.
Manufactured from vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam with spring steel vertical and horizontal wire frame
Product Code: HC-1
Price: India: Rs.2800.00
         Others: US$ 43.00
         (Courier charges)

Back Buddy Senior

Total orthopaedic support for aching back and neck
" Back Buddy (Senior) "
  • Reduces back and neck pain associated with swayback due to bad posture.
  • Useful appliance for all Offices, Automobiles, Industries, Cars, Homes and Hospitals.
  • Recommended by orthopaedic doctors and authorities
  • The High back design provides cervical support apart from lower and upper back.
  • " For back pain control through posture correction "
Back Buddy Senior
Back Buddy Senior
Manufactured from vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam with spring steel vertical and horizontal wire frame
Product Code: HC-2
Price: India: Rs.3825.00
         Others: US$ 59.00
         (Courier charges)

Back Buddy Junior

Have an orthopaedic doctor at your back
" Back Buddy (Junior) "
Transval Back Care Junior
Transval Back Buddy Junior
  • Increases load transfer to the backrest and a reduced disc pressure.
  • Anatomically designed, fits snugishly to the natural contours of your lower back.
  • Easily portable and can be fitted to any chair, at workstation, in car, at home Foam construction, with built-in sprin steel wire frame provides postural correction.
  • During pregnancy, the body's center of weight changes dramatically, which in turn affects the lower back severely. Back Buddy Jr. with its in-built horizontal spring wire frame removes considerable level of stress from lower spine.
Manufactured from vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam with spring steel horizontal wire frame
Product Code: HC-3
Price: India: Rs.1325.00
         Others: US$ 20.00
         (Courier charges)

Back Support Junior (Car Backrest)

Take the "ache" out of backache - Designed to prevent and relieve back stress.
" Transval Back Support "
  • This back support Helps to alleviate lower back and improves. posture and provides correct spinal alignment resulting in stress relief for back muscles and discs.
  • Manufactured on the basis of international orthopaedic research to provide the natural contours of the back, totally adjustable for individual comfort totally adjustable for individual comfort. Portable and lightweight, can be used on any chair or seat anywhere.
  • A simple appliance to support lower back during pregnancy.
Transval Back Support Junior
Transval Back Support
Manufactured from, polyurethane foam with Ergonomic design.
Product Code: HC-4
Price: India: Rs.1050.00
         Others: US$ 16.00
         (Courier charges)

Lumbar Rolls and Pads

-  For  Every Back
-  For Every Where
"Transval Lumbar Rolls and Pads"
- For Long Sitting Hours
-  Where Back is under strain
Transval Lumbar PadLumbar Pad
Transval Lumbar Roll D-Shape
Lumbar Roll D-Shape
  Transval Lumbar Roll Cylindrical
Lumbar Roll Cylindrical
  • Transval Lumbar Roll, fills gap between chair back / car seat and your lumbar.  Most available chairs or vehicle seats hardly provide any lumbar support.
  • Ergonomic design helps seating / Browsing / Driving in relaxed posture and reduces low back pain.
  • The Transval Lumbar Roll is useful during acute and chronic cases of back pain caused by wrong postures, long hours of sitting and back injury.
Manufactured from HIGH DENSITY orthopaedic grade, polyurethane foam

16" x 2 "

Small Body with Upto 56Kg

Product Code: HC-5
Price: India: Rs.800.00
         Others: US$ 12.00
         (Courier charges)

16" x 2.5 "

Medium Body 56Kg to 74Kg

Product Code: HC-6
Price: India: Rs.945.00
         Others: US$ 15.00
         (Courier charges)

16.5" x 3 "

Heavy above 75Kg

Product Code: HC-6A
Price: India: Rs.975.00
         Others: US$ 15.00
         (Courier charges)

16.5" x 4 "

As Recommended by Orthopaedic Doctor or Therapists

Product Code: HC-6B
Price: India: Rs.1150.00
         Others: US$ 18.00
         (Courier charges)
11" x 4.5 "
Product Code: HC-6C
Price: India: Rs.1575.00
         Others: US$ 24.00
         (Courier charges)

Versatile Seat

A must for persons with long sitting hours
" Versatile Seat " (Tail bone Coccyx Cushion)
  • This Wedge Cushion reduces fatigue, prevent numbness of buttocks,
  • Slight contour and angle promotes proper posture, increases blood circulation
  • " Improves posture and maintains correct ergonomic seating in office."
  • Most comfortable for those with tender tailbones coccyx, hernia, or pile patients.
  • " Helps lordotic curve in the lumbar spine. "
  • Cushion most helpful for person suffering from Coccyx Injury, (Tail Bone Injury), Post partum pain (Child Birth)
  • This orthopaedic wedge pillow with 12° angle corrects seating posture at work or while driving.
  • During pregnancy, apart from helping in preventing back and hip strain. It will also help your baby to go into the pelvis after 36 weeks of pregnancy, especially if your knees are slightly lower than your hips.
Versatile Seat (Seat Hedge)
Versatile Seat (Wedge Seat) Versatile Seat (Two Wheeler)
Versatile Seat (Two Wheeler) Versatile Seat (Wedge Seat) Two Wheeler
Manufactured from HIGH DENSITY orthopaedic grade, polyurethane foam
Product Code: HC-11
16" x 16.5" x (3" - 0") - upto 85Kgs
Price: India: Rs.1050.00
         Others: US$ 16.00
         (Courier charges)

Product Code: HC-11B
14" x 16.5" x (3" - 0") - upto 85Kgs
(Use Children & Small Seat)
Price: India: Rs.1000.00
         Others: US$ 15.00
         (Courier charges)
Product Code: HC-11A
16" x 16.5" x (4.5" - 0") - above 85Kgs
Price: India: Rs.1475.00
         Others: US$ 23.00
         (Courier charges)

Product Code: HC-11C
(Presently Honda Activa & TVS Scooty)
Price: India: Rs.900.00
         Others: US$ 14.00
         (Courier charges)

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